Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Onto Old Mine Cuts..into my favorite the European Cuts

In the 1700's old mine cuts or cushion cuts became a diamond cutting style. They called it a cushion cut because it resembles a square that has the corners softened by two or three cuts. Also the point or culet was cut off flat-so when you look down through this diamond you see a circle.

In the late mid 16th century through the early 1800's diamonds were cut into a rose cut. The shape of the diamonds are not circular but more of a free form. There really isn't a table and they have a flat bottom sometimes completely covered by silver and they do tend to be gray in color. A lot of Georgian jewelry has rose cut diamonds which are backed in silver such as the example to the right.

Into the 1800's diamonds became more rounder and closer to what we consider the brilliant modern cut. This is my favorite cut. Having less cuts and the open culet really creates a deeper brilliance in my opinion.
Just this past weekend I attended an auction of a european cut 3.13 carat diamond ring set in platinum. It is the most beautiful diamond I have seen in a long time. It was obiliviously cherished and there was a slight chip on the table and a carbon feather which had been hidden by a prong. It was clean to the eye and even with a loop of carbon. Just a tinge of yellow-maybe a h-i in color. Anyway the hammer price was 5, 900.00 I think that was a buy...even with polishing out the slight chip you would have about a 3 carat ring for 6k--what would you have paid for in a modern jewelry store?

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