Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Art Deco Filigree Ring with Cameo Wearing a Diamond Necklace Part One

Isn't she a pretty...14kt white gold cameo ring with diamond, just one of my finds at the auction last Saturday.

There was a fad in the 1930-40's where it just wasn't enough to wear a cameo....all of a sudden your cameo needed to wear a diamond necklace. Every now and then I have seen cameo pendants, pins and rings wearing diamond necklaces. I consider this "bling" during the art deco period.

I think this fad began due to women inheriting their mother or grandmother's jewelry and wanting to create something unique with the pieces. Somebody in the 1920's decided to take a cameo and use a diamond perhaps out of a old ring and make it into a necklace for the cameo......and the fad began. Jewelers caught on and mass produced the idea.

Next post I will fill you in on the origins of the filigree style of jewelry making. This setting is an excellent example. Off to research......

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