Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Before Attending An Auction

I have worked for multiple auction companies and forget that not everyone understands how an auction works.

First how do you find an auction? Best place I know of now is This will allow you to look at all auctions by date and distance from you.

When reading the auction listing pay close attention to the terms and conditions. Some auction companies do not take credit cards so you must pay with cash or check. Most companies will accept an in state check but if you are out of state you will need to contact them and get approval. Be sure you bring your drivers license they will not register you without one.

Buyers Premiums can be confusing as well. Most BP's run between 5-15%, so if you buy something for 10.00 with a 10% BP you will end of really paying 11.00 + sales tax.

When looking at jewelry at an auction--I like to pack my loop (I tie it on my sweatshirt pull string because it is so hard to juggle everything), mini flashlight and notebook.

Tomorrow I am off to a very large jewelry auction in PA-wish me luck.


  1. Totally added you to my blogroll. Very cool blog and love your etsy store!

  2. Thank you....I am excited to share my research of jewelry with you!